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Walnut BrowniesWalnut Brownies

Gluten-Free* Walnut Brownies

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4 pc. / 215 g


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Our Gluten-Free Brownie is moist, intense and rather large. Still, it might be wrong to assume you could share one. Like the chocolate chip cookie, the brownie originated in New England, and, as in the case of the chocolate chip cookie, myth has it that its invention was an accident… Not enough flour for a cake? Melted the chocolate instead of chopping it? Whatever, if it was a coincidence, it was a happy one.

Cornstarch, Valrhona dark chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder, sugar, butter, walnuts, vanilla extract, salt *All our gluten free products are made in a bakery that also handles wheat products. During normal kitchen operations, there is a possibility for food items to come into contact with wheat gluten/proteins. However unlikely, we are unable to guarantee that any product is completely gluten-free.