Katie’s Blue Cat

Our Café

In 2011 we, Ngoc Duong and Olivia Wood, realized our dream of opening a small Café. It is called Katies Blue Cat and it´s right between the Berlin areas Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Since then we have been baking daily, using original English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand recipes. The smell of cinnamon and butter, raspberries and coconut or almonds and chocolate wafts out the door at all times. There is always something coming out of the oven. And now we are even sending our goodies out by mail order!

A few years ago, when we first had the idea for an English-American specialty café, we dreamed of a special place where english speaking travellers would feel at home, and locals would feel like they were somewhere in the wide, wide world.
We dreamed of a place where good baking is a handcraft and also a passion, where very good coffee is served.

It seems we have managed to make such a place, every day customers come in and are happy with our products and the cafés special atmosphere. The German newspaper “Die Zeit” says that at Katies you feel like you are having breakfast in Brooklyn …

In front of the café
In front of the café

It looks like our idea suits the times. We get great feedback not only from our lovely customers, but also from the German and International press. Katies Blue Cat has been mentioned in “Die Zeit”, the “New York Times”, “Vogue NL”, “Geo” and also in specific national and international publications and blogs.

Maybe our secret is the beauty of simplicity

We work with comforting recipes, that kind that mothers used to bake every day. But we put a lot of effort into making the result special. We look for the key ingredient – and then make that ingredient shine! You have to understand the recipes character, and then work to make it clearly visible.

We chisel away at our recipes until we are happy. We do not work with basic doughs that condiments are added to. We use original recipes that have been passed from hand to hand and have been modified countless times.

In our recipes we usually reduce the sugar significantly, and we also try to offer vegans and customers with a gluten intolerance baked goods that do not taste like anything is missing.

Lots of recipes transport memories. All of a sudden the smell of an Anzac Biscuit can take you back to a tea room in Dunedin where you studied for a semester… the chocolate chip cookies your Mum used to put in your lunch box… Grandma mixing up a batch of brownies – sometimes it can be very simple to make someone happy.

Our coffee is also simple in the best sense – excellent beans are grown under natural conditions, picked by hand, then they are bought by our roaster who roasts the blend to our taste. The espresso is made on an Italian La Marzocco by experienced baristas, and served with creamy regional and organic full fat milk.

The beauty of simplicity makes us happy! Years after opening the Café we still prefer our own coffee, and enjoy it with a cowboy cookie or a brownie.

Isn´t that how it should be?