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Our homemade cookies, brownies, shortbread and specialties are produced on site in our café Katies Blue Cat in Berlin. The sight and smell of freshly baked goods emerging from the oven makes everyone happy! Regulars, first-time visitors and tourists alike…
The recipes originated in english-speaking countries. We offer all kinds of goodies, from Scottish Shortbread to Australian/Kiwi Anzac Biscuits, from North-American cowboy cookies to the colonial acquisition Chutney.
Now you can order our delicious homemade products online! Whether as a special treat for your self, as a surprise for friends and family, or as token of appreciation for business contacts.

Gift-Boxes from Katies Blue Cat

You can purchase all our products individually, but you can also order handsome gift boxes containing a number of different items. In our classic Gift-Box you can choose from all our products. As an alternative, you can order our Surprise Box and leave the tough decision to us.
Besides that we also have a Breakfast Box, a Vegan* Box and a Gluten- Free* Box that you can fill as you like. The base price is added to the price of the individual items.

Order now for later

Order now for later using our Online Shops calendar function. With our Date-Picker you can order for delivery months in advance: in January you can already order easter presents!
Test our service today and have freshly baked cookies and brownies and homemade specialties delivered to your home!

Latest Posts

Stemginger Shortbread

7. September 2016

Naschen in Schottland

Mein Sommerurlaub führte mich und meine Familie dieses Jahr nach Schottland. Viel eher: Im Sommer machten wir einen Urlaub in Schottland, dem nur verfärbte Blätter fehlten, um sich wie Herbstferien

New York Times 5. September 2013

»Stop at the cozy Katie’s Blue Cat to refuel with a cappuccino.«

Zucchini Bread

3. July 2016

Zucchinibread für Gartenfreunde

Seit kurzem habe ich einen Garten. Keinen echten, eigenen – aber immerhin. In meinem kleinen, geliehenen Beet eines interkulturellen Garten-Vereins in Kreuzberg gedeiht nun Basilikum, Fenchel, Ruccola – und Zucchini. Wer schon

No-Knead Rosinenbrot

4. June 2016

Rosinenbrot, aber anders

Ich liebe Rosinen. Ich bin ein Hippie-Kind, quasi meine erste Süßigkeit war “Mandeln mit Rosinen”. Man muss sie ins richtige Verhältnis zueinander setzen, mit einem Schwung in den Mund kippen